Monday, January 23, 2012

The Game is On!

 For years I have been plagued by dandruff,not that I really cared much. I would try this and that, but nothing seems to work. That's it! I'm going to go on all all-out campaign.

Easy Steps to Hair Health

I'm gong to be determined and consistent. I'm going embark on a project. This is what I am going to do:

30-Day Programs
Each  month I am going to saturate my hair dairy in a herbal remedy, daily.

Month 1 (February)
This month I'm beginning with a more French/Italian Commercial and convenient remedy.

1) Olive oil infused with rosemary in a drip bottle to be massaged into my hair daily for half and hour, after which it is washed off with
20 a Daily/Semi-Daily shampoo with Commercial Shampoo (L'Occitane)

So, I'm going to do this every day until February 23rd. I'll keep you posted on  my progress! The key I believe is consistency,which i do lack. I need a program I can stick to with a goal in sight.

Next month, I'll "fly" over to India (Around the World for Haircare in 365 days) and transition to tea tree oil and reetha for a month, then probably amla/shikakai/hibiscus for a month, then if I can get neem, neem hisbiscus and reetha for a month. Then a month of coconut oil and no-poo baking soda. Then a month of aloe vera and baking soda. Then we'll start all over again.

Day 1: The olive oil is not to strongly infused with rosemary, but the rosemary is fresh. I've got it scrubbed in so now I'm waiting to shampoo.

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