Thursday, January 19, 2012

“Hammock” Hair Band pattern (Easy)

Usually, I tie my hair into a ponytail. However the short wisps of hair get into my face. I like to keep them out of my face with a kerchief or a wide hair band. This keeps my hair neat, as I love to bake. You can knit your own hair bands – they are one of the simplest knitting projects for the beginner.  

Less than 1 ball of yarn (I use 40g of inexpensive acrylic yarn, but cotton or wool would be the best). Any color is good. So far grey, maroon, and lavender has worked for me. 

A pair of needles – My preferred size is 4.5mm, as the lace pattern comes out well, the stretch is nice, and the hairband is knitted very quickly. You can use normal straight needles, double-pointed needles, or circular needles. You would have to hold the hair band to your head as you go along, or take top and bottom measurements. 

It is extremely easy to make a pair of beginner knitting needles – sharpen 2 disposable Chinese chopsticks with a pencil sharpener, smoothen with sandpaper, and tie a rubber band to the blunt end to prevent the yarn from slipping off. You do not want the points to sharp; you may have to sand them smooth and blunt so the yarn does not catch.
Section 1
Cast on 21 stitches.
Row 1: (Knit 1, Yarn Over, Knit 2 Together) – set of three, rep 7 times.
Repeat Row 1 until lace stretches from the middle of your left ear to the middle of your right ear over your head. You can also measure the length required and stretch lace over a measuring tape to see whether it is long enough.
Extra: This lace is a very simple faggot lace. You can replace this stitch pattern with different stitch patterns for variation. 

 Section 2                                                  
Section  2 continues from section 1 from the middle of your right ear to the nape of your neck, where the stitches are reduced from 21 to 7.
Row 1: (K 1, K2tog) 7 times (14 stitches left)
Row 2: (K2tog)  7 times (7 stitches left)
Row 3 to the nape of your neck: Garter stitch (Knit only)
Cast off, secure with a knot, and cut off yarn.

Section 3
1)    Pick up 21 stitches from the other end of the lace.
2)    Repeat Section 2, under the end of section 2 and section 3 can meet together at the nape of your neck.
3)    Cast off but do not cut off yarn.
4)    Use a crochet needle to join the two ends of your hair band. Optional: Twist one side so that a twist in the knitting lies at the nape of your neck for extra security. The twist will hold the hairband into place. 
5)    Secure with a knot, and cut off yarn.
6)    Use the crochet needle to “hide” the three ends of yarns. 

How to use the hair band:
1)    As a hair band.
2)    To hold hair back from your face along with a bun or a ponytail.
3)    With a scarf as a tiechel.

Here’s how I use this hair band with a tiechel:
1)    Twist your hair into a long bun and secured it with three small claw clips
2)    Slip hairband around your neck
3)    Tie scarf. I used a long rectangular shawl and tied it either under or over itself behind my head. (See tiechel tutorials – note to editor, please insert links to precious “hair, hair, hair” tiechel-tying tutorials on FF)
4)    Slip hairband over tiechel in front. It will help hold tiechel. It would help if your tiechel is of a plain design or your handband made to match it. If you do not have an elastic tiechel, this will help hold it into place. 

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