Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another Busy Baking Day

Wow... Since noon I have been baking, because of several birthdays in the family and the aftermath of the recent New Year celebrations.

A good friend gave us a bunch of the sweetest, fattest, and thinnest-skinned bananas, they were so good and ripe, I made three batches of Cordon Rose Banana Cake from the Cake Bible - it was fun mixing up the batter - 24 cupcakes and a 2-layer 8 inch round cake.

Next, I used finely grated carrot pulp from the fruit juicer - Mummy loves raw carrot juice like anything. I like smoothies - banana blueberry, mandarin orange apple, and I like them with yogurt. From the bread bible, the Carrot Bread (Cake) is delicious, tasty, and moist. It's very dense and cinnamony, with plenty of good flavor, plus it was quick to whip up when the banana cakes were baking.

Thirdly, I made white rolls using the French sandwich bread recipe from the cake bible, tiny buns of 30g each filled with a tablespoon of dried, sweet, Chinese chicken floss. Mummy loves it,

So the kitchen is full of baked goods and good smells. I stacked the  banana cake and paired with Walnuts and Royal Honey Buttercream. I had only a bit of butter left, so this is what I did.

Ground Walnuts with a teensy bit of buttercream makes a not-too-sweet filling
1) Bring 37g of Royal Honey to a rolling boil in the microwave.
2) Whisk 37 g of egg (egg yolk and a bit of white) in a small mixing bowl and pour the honey in, stirring fast. Whisk well and let it cool
3) When the egg/honey mixture is cool, beat in 150g of  butter.

Silky Soft!
Honey, butter, and egg. If your health is critical, warm the egg, constantly stirring, in a double boiler and follow the temperature for pasteurization.

The ratio is
37 Honey
37 Egg
150 Butter.

The frosting is smooth, creamy, and not too sweet at all.

On a different note, I have finished my third coptic binding book. Learn about bookbinding here. It's a pretty, useful, craft that can be combined with scrapbooking, calligraphy, embroidery, anything! 

I also plant to make a Kapp - Tutorial Here. They are so pretty! I want to add some to my collection.

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