Sunday, February 5, 2012

Giving, Sharing, Multiplying

The thing about living simply is about generosity as well as being frugal.

Now I don't that I don't have a lot of agricultural space. But I want to multiply, let the plants multiply and bear more and more plants. I want to have lots of the same kinds of plants, because especially with herbs, you need lots.

The lemon basil is flowering again. The last time it flowered, I collected the seeds and sprouted them in a sprouting tray. I collected a lot of little pots and brought a basket to share with all in our community. It was a pretty basket with adorable plants in adorable little pots.

Now a lot of people who took them home had trouble with their lemon basil, and many died. I have plenty enough for myself, but I know that if mine ever goes extinct, I shall have friends to run to who can give me some sprouts.

So here's a good generous idea. Sharing plants and herbs. A cutting here and a cutting there goes a long way when encouraging people to turn lawns from wasted space overrun to weeds to a victory garden that can be a source of sustenance. I have lots of extra plants. Let's share and exchange these high-potential living organisms called plants so that everyone can have a variety of yummy herbs in their garden.

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