Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes grow so easily. Just get a potato, and let it sprout, and plant it. it's so hardy, it thrives easily and sends forth an abundance, a real abundance of leaves and vines. Take a cutting and stick it in the ground. it'll grow roots amazingly quickly.

Now there are two kinds of sweet potatoes. Firstly, is the one grown from a potato that has sprouted. You must wait some months for the potatoes to grow, and you can begin to cook the leaves and eat them. yes, the Chinese stir-fry sweet potato leaves in chilli paste. it grows abundantly, and you have something to eat while waiting for the "real" harvest. These leaves are heart-shaped and very nutritious, one of the few leaf vegetables with iodine and extremely hardy.

You can see here that they soon overgrow their allotted space. Mine is a cutting from a cutting from a cutting from a cutting, so gradually the cuttings let more and more tender leaves, and stop putting down tubers. Those that put down tubers will have tougher leaves, the leafy, tender, variety will probably not grow tubers.

Just keep trimming your sweet potato bed all summer and enjoy the easy fresh vegetables. A child could pluck the leaves and bring them in. I wash them of bugs - pests love them too but there's always plenty to go around.

I haven't tried eating them raw or fermented, but I will try soon!

I realize that the best kind of food for storage is food that is still growing, and alive. A slaughtered animal needs to be salted, cured, or frozen. A live animal keeps on growing and eating things you can't it, and when you really need it  you will have food  to eat. A live plant keeps on growing vegetables for you to continually eat.

Now that's easy for me to say because there's no winter here, so less urgency to slaughter and can food for winter. The only weather types we have here, as Daddy says, "It rains, or it doesn't rain".

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