Saturday, March 3, 2012


I went with my friend to Little Syam's Bookbinding Workshop for two sessions: Coptic and Kettle Binding. it was fun. The food at the Tea Republic was great, provided for too. Cakes, cheesecakes, croissant sandwhich for lunch. Everything was yummy and I learned so much. I'm so glad we stay for the second session.

It was great fun too, and I decided to make a video to share what I learned and to see if I'm doing it right. Look... a whole day's work and a skill learned for a lifetime.

We learned to make the holes for elastic and the book corners

My favorite was coptic stitch

The graduated crochet yarn used was so pretty!

This kind of book if open-bound

At the corner here is kettle stitch - very pretty too

We used unbleached paper

Aren't the butterflies sweet?
Inside view

A book that opens FLAT

There is a world of potential in bookbinding - think of paper-making, journal-making, art-journaling, scrapbooking, embelishments, family heirlooms, recipe books, painting, sketching, embroidery, bead-work, flower-pressing - the sky's the limit! I dream of making a library of hand-bound books filled with knitting patterns, crochet patterns, recipes, herb information, pictures,

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