Thursday, March 1, 2012

Five Levels of Learning

This is a really great list about the 5 Levels of Learning on the Journey to the Heart website from a seminar. It's so good. I want to keep it.
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  1. Rote Learning – The student will have the ability to repeat the words without understanding the meaning.
    • The children can repeat as little parrots without understanding the meaning.
  2. Recognition – The student will remember the lesson and recognize its meaning.
    • If learning has been achieved at this level, the teacher will be able to give a test and the student will be able to choose the right answers.
    • It is not difficult to teach at this level because all that is required is that the student have the ability to recognize what has been said.
  3. Restatement – The student will have the ability to express concepts and there meaning in his own words.
    • This level requires the student to understand the content and the ideas.
    • At this level everything is information or knowledge.
  4. Relation – The student will have the ability to relate truths to his personal life.
    • This level is reached when a person thinks about a certain truth and begins to see the implications for his life.
  5. Realization – The student will put truths into practice in his everyday life.
    • The truths become real in a person’s life.
    • It is one thing to understand an appropriate response to truth, but it is another thing to put this into practice.

You know, personally this was the way I began to study Scripture on my own when I was 13. It was all rote. I moaned and grumbled and complained my way through. I didn't learn anything. But soon I began to memorize, and thus unintentionally meditate, on the book of Colossians, and soon I could recognize key truths in others instances, like in preaching and Bible study. Soon I began to restate Scripture, using passages I memorized to pray, study, and share, though there were many areas in my life where I was still struggling. These truths began to relate to my personal life and I came to the difficult part where God's holiness started to make demands on my life. Before I knew, the Word of God has really transformed me. My bad attitude towards God, church, and family faded away and I was filled with joy. I've never looked back from being a disciple ever since. A whole year passed before I could share and testify of the realization of the freedom, liberty, and transformation that studying the living Word of God has placed in my life.  

I usually discuss discipleship and all those things at my other blog:  But I felt today it should go here, because it's about learning, and this blog is dedicated to the Plain Folk who really incorporate God in every area of their life. What I believe I share in common, fundamentally, with people like the Amish is this I believe in taking the Word of God as completely relevant and authoritative in every area of my life.


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