Sunday, March 4, 2012

Freshly Churned Raw Butter

I'm fascinated with the idea of cultured butter. Really, it sounds so good. Ideally, home-churned butter from pasture cows should be golden, beautifully golden. That means its full of vitamins and goodness. Churning your own butter is so fun. I've always wanted to do it. Washing butter, however, is extremely messy.

Butter - soft, squishable, and seasoned. I always make lots of seasoned butter. Take 2 cups of butter and let it soften. In a container, drizzle olive oil over it. Oh, about a quarter cup. A teaspoon of salt of more, sprinkle that over. Get your black pepper grinder and generously powder the surface of the butter with pepper both chunky and fine. Some thyme would be nice. Be generous with herbs. Some dill goes in. Oregano. Plenty of rosemary. Crush in lots, lots of garlic.

When it's time to fry fresh mushrooms, throw in a few tablespoons of herb butter and let the butter melt and the garlic season. That's instant, and fantastic.

Spread some on bread and toast it. Heavenly. The olive oil, the more you put, makes the herb butter penetrate to the very heart of a slice of French baguette. I make whole loaves of this.

Grill vegetables, add garlic herb butter.

Any kind of potatoes would love this. Imagine roast potatoes, herbed. Fried potatoes. Oh, I do fried potatoes in herb butter. It's the best thing.

You can add herb butter to anything. It's that good. What more if it's fresh, raw, cultured butter.

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