Friday, March 2, 2012

How to Increase Your Chilli/Pepper Intake

If you are looking to up your tolerance level for spicy foods, which are very good for your health here are some ideas:

1) Dried Whole Chillis - add them to soups esp. Mexican soup. Grow as chilli pepper flakes, they go with virtually anything. I really love chilli flakes in soup - mushroom soup!

2) Tabasco - Tabasco sauce can be liberally sprinkled onto daily dishes. It is sour and tangy, as well as spicy.

3) Chilli sauces and pastes - I have specific sauces for different meals.  Bird's Eye Chilli sauce is good for porridge, tomato soup, Chinese food, mixed into rice, etc. Chutneys are good with rice and breads. Peri-Peri sauce goes with mediteranean food. With Western food, chilli flakes are my favorite

4) Chilli powder is good to use in cooking.

5) Cayenne pepper can be liberally sprinkled all over your plate, especially with mashed potatoes or herbed butter rice.

6) Black and white peppers - I add them to herb mixes, and sprinkle them over Chinese rice porridge. When making scratch meatballs, literally douse the meat with lots of black pepper. A hand grinder helps dispense crispy bits or fine dust of pepper. They are indispensable in any kind of cooking from Roast Chicken to Chinese stir-fry

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    "I know that God doesn't ask us to draw to Him in that (senses or mind etc) way. I know that it's important in Spirit and in Truth. I know only through the Messiah and maybe you misunderstood me in my post. I'm saying that we all have a different way of feeling God's presence and i feel it when i'm looking at a beautiful sunset others feel it when they're in a room by themselves. I'm not saying that there are other ways to draw closer to God other than Yeshua.

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