Saturday, March 3, 2012

Making Tea Bags

It's so easy to make tea bags as a gift. I got these at the "Dollar Store" Daiso and started making herb teas for several aunties. They liked it! The best combination, and a really healthy one, is lemongrass screwpine, because they are soooo chock full of goodness. It's a good tea to fall asleep with.

I blend the pandan leaves to make pandan juice for baking, then I dry the leaves for tea. The lemongrass is dried first, then blended. 

Green bread with raisins! From fresh herbs juiced and sieved. It has a pleasant aroma. This also makes fantastic green chiffon cake.


  1. Hi.I would like to know how did you dry the lemongrass and blend it?As what i understand,lemongrass is kind of fibrous herb and i thought we will never be able to get a 'fine' blended lenongrass to make tea bags.So, I am interested to know how did you managed to do that.
    I sincerely hope to get a reply from you soon.

  2. Hi! Thanks for asking. I simply cut the lemongrass leaves, wash them, and let them dry. Usually, I grab the whole bunch and snip them into inch-sized pieces so that they are easier to handle. Yes, they are pretty fibrous and non-disgestible, but when dry, they blend fairly easily into fine bits. I don't like them too fine, because if they turn into powder they would leak through the tea bags. Lemongrass leaves are just like grass in texture.

  3. Thanks for your reply.
    May I know whether you dry it under the sun or by oven?Is the lemongrass still rich in aroma or lost its fragrance when it turns into tea?as some people said that dried lemongrass will lost its aroma.
    Therefore, is your lemongrass tea bag still able to make nice and aromatic tea?

  4. I dry it by the sun. It sits by the window and is pretty fragrant. :)

  5. Thanks for your reply.I will try this out..d(^^)b