Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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There’s nothing so beautiful so place around the home as masterpieces of God’s working – spruces, ferns, and flowers – whether living in pots, dried, and cut.

Learn to embellish with dried moss here

Having nature so near us in a real way is living testimony to the creative splendor of God. Flowers remind us temporal beauty – bright and bold but eventually fading away. 

Here are several ways to accent your home in a simple manner:
1)      Potted plants

Learn about houseplants here:
Learn about houseplants here

Herbs are both utilitarian and beautiful. Keeping them in sweet, pastel-colored pots by the kitchen window is attractive and handy. 

How to grow herbs in your kitchen

Ferns, cactus, and other plants add a breath of air to a dining room, aesthetically and physically. They are living furniture that grow and change. Leaves clean the air flowers fill it with fragrance. Building your interior decoration around clean, pretty pots than can be stenciled, embellished, as accent as you wish. 

How to Paint a Pot

If you are really artistic, try keeping miniature plants,  - a variety of sweet little plants in pots decorated with little baubles, stones, and  tiny furniture. They are so charming. 

Plants can grow on walls. They are really a work of art no man can produce – how their vines twirl, how the flowers bloom, how the leaves spread. The front doorstep of a house can be vastly improved with a row of pots, a miniature garden, or a climbing ivy.

Winter is a good time to have indoors plants, for when all the world outside is dead and frosty, the warmth and living beauty of the home is so enticing.
2)      Cut flowers
Cut flower don’t last, sadly. However they teach us many lessons about beauty and its passing. Nevertheless a cut flower or two is a very appropriate decorate. Anything can be creatively used to hold extra fresh flowers from the garden – tin cans, old glasses, pitchers, boots, typewriters. Freshly cut flowers and ferns are simply to care for and replace, especially  during spring and summer.

Spring and summer are times of cut flowers, when nature is so abloom you just want to carry some of that excess beauty indoors. The best flowers are those you have cultivated and grown with loving care.
Even if you are strictly utilitarian, basil, beans, tomatoes, and other practical plants do blossom prettily. Flowers attract beneficial insects like bees, who fertilize plants and produce honey. Roses and hisbiscus, for example, have practical value as herbs.

It is delightful to cut a bouquet of flowers and assemble them on the dining table for special company.Learn to arrange flowers...
3)      Potpourri
Dried herbs and flowers sing of the Autumn, thanksgiving, and everything brown and spicy in-between. They are beautiful, versatile, and keep insects at bay. They keep clothes and cupboards smelling rich and pleasant. Potpourri in a vase or bowl, or stuck to a candle or in a sachet, keep the fragrance of summer alive in the home. They keep for the longest time.
Some wonderful ideas include: Clove pomanders, Eden roomboxes, decorated candles, pine-cones

4)      Pressed Flowers
Pressed Flowers are a tiny and tangible link to the memories of past springs and summers. They can be collected through a lifetime and made a part of feminine stationary. Pressed flowers are little surprises that you gather in springtime and summer, forget about in autumn, and unearth in winter as you open up that old book and discovery a pleasant surprise that keeps the summer hope alive within you.
Pressed flowers make beautiful picture-frame fillers and hand-made paper. They seem so sweet and delicate. They can be used a decoupage pieces. In scrapbooking, flowers are tangible memories. Keep flowers and press them. Your wedding bouquet of purple roses, the flowers you got when your first child was born and when he was big enough to toddle and pick spring flowers to bring to mamma, the overwhelming bouquets presented at your great-grandmother’s funeral, the petunias your cousin brought when your thirdborn was in the hospital for a procedure, etc.

Flowers remind us to treasure people. A wise woman once said, “Never bring flowers to a funeral if you never bothered to bring them flowers when they were alive.”
Simple, back-to-basics living means living a slow-paced life full of joy and gratefulness, faith and love, strength and being a blessing to others.    


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