Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Study in Kosher (Outfit)


Above: Rivka Malka is gorgeous! She has a fun and spiritual youtube channel and website, teaching women how to be modest and beautiful. Check her out! 

Below: For doing tichels, I suggest trying using a firm stock hose with the legs tucked in as a base underneath  that keeps all the stray hairs in. It's cooler (temperature-wise) than tying several tiechels on for effect. Start with a thin, tight, base of stocking hose, maybe even a pin bun. (This works for Amish hairstyles too, I'll wager, with pins for a bun)  

Picking a kosher outfit is not difficult, provided you have the right tools. I use the stocking-like inside camisoles for extra sleeves. This outfit was for baking, gardening, and cleaning. The blouse was Tesco and the camisole was from an Arabic shop.

Below: Why buy a book called "Kosher Sutra" when you can create your own "Kosher Something". My pick: "Kosher Elbows!" Check.

Kosher tops. Like the colors?

Kosher hemline! Check. (But not kosher feet.) Kosher feet are not barefooted. Opaque, knee-high black stockings are good.

Kosher neckline. Check! No collarbones showing.(But not kosher hair. See the video for Kosher Hair)

Kosher  Outfit, though some, I would reckon, find it not Kosher Loose enough. It's comfy and good for making  youtube videos.

Disclaimer: I am in NO way, absolutely no way, making fun of frum people. I admire them absolutely and dress kosher lots of times. Tzinuis a great guideline for modesty. I love tiechels and long sleeves. I dress this way at home, when I'm cooking, cleaning, etc.

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