Friday, April 6, 2012

Amish Ink Painting

Ink Painting is something so incredibly simple and frugal. All you really need is a bottle of inexpensive black ink, an old tray of some sort to mix your “palette”, and inexpensive Chinese calligraphy brushes (plus whatever normal brushes you want to use).

There’s something incredibly Oriental and Asian about brush painting. It is popular Japan and China. I love depicting scenes from the Bible, as well as pastoral, country-farm scenes.  One of my recent crazes has been the Amish, so I did a Lancaster county depiction.

Here you see and Amish woman. To her left is a corn field, to the right an open gate leads to the pasture where sheep and lamb lie together. She is holding a quilt and hesitates at the gate. Around the bend on the road is an Amish buggy with a man driving. Behind him are the hills (I’m not sure how hilly Lancaster County is).

I love working the simplicity of only one color, and that in many textures and shades. I love the shading part. How many “colors” can I produce?

Black and white ink paintings can be very dramatic and stark, perhaps even gloomy. A depiction of a sacrificial lamb, for example, is very appropriate. Perhaps my painting makes Lancaster County seems less peaceful and more like a thunderstorm-like!

The technique really is very simple. I see many places where my lighting and contract is not good. Overlapping colors and lines really give me that fluid dimensional effect I like. I just like being artistic and drawing, flipping, pointing the brush.

Youtube has some excellent technique lessons for ink painting, both Chinese and Japanese. It’s really east meets west as I have no intention whatsoever of portraying Panda bears, stone mountains, and bamboo!

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