Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Useful Breasts of Chicken

Chicken Breasts are a useful and cheap cut of meat. Indeed, they are almost free of fat and bone, and thus easy to prepare. They can be purchased from the supermarket, and are from battery-factory-raised chickens.

1) Chicken breasts must be washed. I pumped them with ozone gas, which is a good sterilizer. You may also wash meat with salt, by soaking it in water for an hour and then putting them in a colander, salt them with cheap and rough salt, like kosher salt.

2) Stock and Floss. For a quick floss, boil the breasts in a saucepan, covered with water. Once the water comes to a boil, bring it down to a simmer. Add herbs if you wish, and also a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar, to help remove scum and to bring out the minerals in the meat. You may brown some onions in the saucepan before boiling the breasts, and also add vegetable such as carrot and celery to boil. After an hour or a half of simmering, you can remove the breasts and floss them with two forks into fine flosses. Chicken floss can be added to soups, to sandwiches, to salads, to casseroles, etc. The stock, too is very useful. DO NOT throw it away! It can be used in soups, stews, and casseroles.

3) Tender Fried Steaks. Chicken breasts don't make good fried meats at first. They turn out tough and dry. That occurs for two reasons: firstly, because they don't contain tenderizing fat, secondly, because they are thicker on one side than on the other, making it so that when one part is cooked, the other is dry. This can be solved by frying them in a healthful fat like olive oil or palm oil, and also by pounding them flat with a meat hammer, a pestle, or the side of a knife

Chicken breasts can be marinated and coated in many different tasty ways, such as with pesto, mayyonaise, cajun seasoning, lemon pepper seasoning. They should be browned at high heat on either side.

4) Stir-Fried Strips. After pounding the breasts flat, you may slice them into strips and pieces to be stir-fried. This cut is exceptionally good for Chinese cuisine, making soft and tasty pieces of chicken that you won't even recognize as "dry breasts".

To make spicy chicken stir-fry, you will need:

3 chicken breasts, pounded and  cut into strips
6 garlic cloves, minced
1/3 cup of garlic, chopped
10 tiny bird's eye chillis
3/4 cup of spring onions, chopped into 1 inch long strips

Season the breast strips with salt, pepper, cornstarch, sesame oil, and soy sauce. Marinade in the fridge.

Stir fry the garlic, ginger, and chili in oil until fragrant. Add the chicken and fry on high fire to sear. Reduce the fire and stir-fry the chicken. Mix in dark mushroom soy sauce. Turn off the fire and stir in the spring onions.
5) Flavorful Skin. The skin of the chicken, rendered, is a delicious fat and flavoring. I reccomend, however, using only the fat of fatty, yellow, free-range organic chickens that have been exposed to the sun. Learn how to make them here. It is used instead of lard in kosher cooking. Learn how to render the fat here,


Remember that it is always more frugal and healthy to use whole, unprocessed meats. For example, I prefer to buy bacon than to buy pork sausages. That way, I getting the full value of the money in actual meat, as opposed to lots of worthless fillers, chemicals, preservatives, colors, etc.  You can buy minced meat, or better still, mince your own meat, to make hamburgers, meatballs, meatloaf, etc. You can also buy large blocks of meat to corn and to make pastrami. These are good alternatives to supermarket processed meats.

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