Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Smoothies for Womens' Health

PMS Smoothies -
PMS is premenstrual syndrome. Try making these smoothies regularly, especially when PMS sets on, for a great nutrient, iron and energy boost.  If you start taking this smoothie before and during menstruation, the chances are that painful symptoms due to loss of iron will decrease. No more fatigue!

3/4 cup yogurt whey (or 1 tbsp natural yogurt and the rest, almond/rice milk)
1-2  bananas
1 tbsp chia seeds and/or flax seeds

Blend and drink! The whey is milk with the solids removed (the natural way of getting low-fat without involving the harmful industry procedures!) and yet is full of protein. The banana add solids to the whey, creating a perfect smoothie that isn't as rich as a banana milkshake. Both bananas and chia seeds have high amounts of iron. Chia seeds have seven times more iron than spinach, are full of omega 3 and 6 good fatty acids needed during menstruation, and also B vitamins and fiber.

According to this article on,

Bananas are a nutritional superfood loaded with potassium, zinc, iron, folic acid, calcium, vitamin B6 and fiber. In fact, bananas have been called nature's perfect food. They may also be a perfect food for menstrual health. Bananas can help relieve digestive problems and PMS symptoms women may experience during their period. Bananas help replenish nutrients lost during menstruation and can help stop PMS related diarrhea in its tracks when eaten with other BRAT diet foods such as apples, rice and dry toast.

Flaxseed and flaxseed products contain phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are plant based estrogens similar to the estrogen found in a woman's body. Studies have found that women who ingest flaxseed can relieve PMS symptoms such as breast pain, hot flashes and mood swings. It is thought that this is because the plant-based estrogens compete with the natural estrogen in a woman's body when it is too high, such as during the menstruation cycle. It is estimated that 11 percent of women may experience breast pain during their periods. A University of Toronto study found that by eating as little as 25 grams of flaxseed every day, these women could reduce or eliminate PMS induced breast pain. Flaxseed also contains essential fatty acids that can help to ease PMS cramping.

Peri-menopausal PMS Smoothie -

3/4 cup natural soy milk
2 tbsp natural yogurt
1-2 bananas
1 tbsp chia seeds and/or flax seeds

Blend and drink! Soy milk is full of women's hormones (phytoestrogen) that ease peri-menopausal symptoms caused by the lack of estrogen. It is also full of protein. However, since soy contains anti-nutrient-absorbing phytates, lacto-fermented yogurt is added to counter the phytic acid.

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